This is the mother of all Caesar podcast series.

We started in 2013 with a 48-episode series on Julius Caesar. Then we did a 100 episodes on Augustus Caesar. Then 40 episodes on Tiberius Caesar. Then more series on Caligula and Claudius and Nero. Then, like the Lord God, we rested. Now we are BACK with The Year of the Four Emperors. And let’s see how that goes.


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Latest Episode

Your Humble Hosts

Latest Episode

Your Humble Hosts

Recent Episodes

Galba #4 – What Is Best for Rome

Galba #4 – What Is Best for Rome

At the altar of Apollo, Galba was still praying to the gods to protect him and the empire, when suddenly he got news that a senator of unknown identity was being conducted to the Praetorian barracks with an armed guard. A little while later the man was identified as Otho. And then… it’s all over.

Galba #3 –  A Plot Against The Throne

Galba #3 – A Plot Against The Throne

Otho didn’t take the news of Piso being chosen as Galba’s heir very well. He’d already been screwed over by one emperor and he bloody well wasn’t going to let it happen a second time. A plot is formed to usurp the throne.

Galba #2 –  Long May He Reign

Galba #2 – Long May He Reign

On Jan 1, 69 CE, the beginning of the new Roman year, life looked pretty rosy for Emperor Galba. He had no obvious threats to his power from outside or inside the empire. On Jan 3, the Senate offered vows and sacrifices for his long health and reign. Unbeknownst to any of them, he had less than two weeks left to rule… and live.

Galba #1 – Republic Schmublic

Galba #1 – Republic Schmublic

In our last episode, we finished on June 9, 68. Nero was 30 years and six months old. He had ruled for 13 years and 8 months. On June 10, 68, while he was still in Spain, The Senate declared the governor of Hispania Tarraconensis, northern Spain, 73 year old Servius Sulpicius Galba, to be the new Emperor. He was the first person from outside of the Julio-Claudian family to assume the throne.

Welcome To The Life of the Caesars!

This show is different from most other history podcasts in the following ways.

1. There are TWO OF US. This is a conversation, not a lecture.

2. It’s LONG FORM. Which means we will often take 50 – 100 episodes to tell a story. If you want a quick overview, this is not the show for you!

3. It’s NSFW. While we take the history very seriously, we also know that learning is more effective when you’re having fun. Sometimes (okay, quite often) “having fun” for us translates as bad language and dirty jokes. Let’s face it – this history is violent and sexy. This is NOT a child-friendly show, nor is it safe for work.

4. We do this for a living and put a lot of time and effort into making our content. Our current series is free but to listen to the old series you need to BECOME A MEMBER.  Feel free to listen to the free ones and then, if you like them, register to listen to the rest.

And on to Caligula…

★★★★★ in Apple Podcasts by Tricycle II from Australia on October 28, 2019

Having heard this double act since they made their mark with the original Julius Caius Ceasar, I dread to think how far this will go having such a twisted subject matter. Having watched ‘ I, Claudius’ inspired by these two, I can only sense Ray is Claudius to Cam’s Caligula. Only a man with a cunning plan could possibly survive what is being thrashed around and at him. History? Oh, bit of that too. Carlos (Sydney)

Great show

★★★★★ in Apple Podcasts by She must have a bad love life from United States of America on October 10, 2019

Just all around a good show. I listened to the first 25 episodes about the big JC in a span of 10 days and then realized you had to pay to listen to the second half. The decision was so easy and I can’t wait to listen to the next 25! Cam and Ray took me a bit to get used to and I wasn’t sure how I felt after a few episodes, but I decided to just keep listening and I am glad I did. These two make history fun to learn and not one episode goes by without me laughing my butt off. The negative reviews you might see are usually people that just don’t want to hear ideas that are different than theirs. I am a Republican and love this show brought to pay for it! Keep it up guys and I can’t wait to get over to your Alexander the Great show!

The Best to Ever Do It!

★★★★★ in Apple Podcasts by Angelo Iaconetti from United States of America on July 28, 2019

The podcast is well-researched, offers thought-provoking insight, and is down-right hilarious. If you are attracted to the idea of learning mountains of fascinating minutiae about historical figures and events that your high school history books glossed over in a paragraph or two while simultaneously laughing uncontrollably, look no further than Ray and Cam. Cam has a beautiful, inquisitive mind and an innate ability to seamlessly relay a captivating narrative while boring deep into the recesses of historical themes and current events alike. Ray’s contribution is actually immeasurable. In all honesty, I wouldn’t choose to spend my time listening to anything else. 5 stars all day every day!
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The original Caesar! Big Julie! If you want to learn about Julius Caesar, where it all started, the man who drove a stake through the heart of the failing Roman Republic, you’ll need to become one of our premium subscribers.

The original “Son Of God”, Augustus was Julius Caesar’s grand-nephew. Originally known as Octavian, he was posthumously adopted by Julius after the famous assassination, fought several civil wars, and eventually became the sole ruler of Rome.

The stepson of the divine Augustus. The reluctant princeps. Voted “The Man Augustus Least Wanted To Take Over His Empire”. The best friend of Sejanus. Did he really retire to a sex dungeon?

What happens when you inherit the throne at age 25 with no previous military or political experience and when you’re mother and brothers were all murdered by your predecessor? Does Caligula deserve the reputation of an insane maniac that exists in popular culture?

Ridiculed all his life for his physical handicaps. Claudius was a scholar and historian who was thrust on to the throne on the death of Caligula. But in many ways, he is the first true Roman emperor because he was the first to take power by the threat of force and the first who wasn’t adopted into the Caesarian family.

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