The Original JC. The man who put his boot on the throat of the crumbling Roman republic and started the wheel turning that would result in its demise. Was he a hero or a villain?

If you want to listen to our archived Julius Caesar series (46 episodes plus 17 VIP episodes), you’ll need to sign up to be a subscriber for $5 a month. We produced this series 2013 – 2015. It started off as another serious history show, but fairly quickly we started relaxing and having some fun with it because we think learning stuff is easier when you’re having a laugh. If you don’t have a robust sense of humour – and can’t handle some commentary about contemporary politics and religion – then please go listen to something else, you poor delicate snowflake.
As one review on iTunes put it: 
“This is what it would sound like if the morning radio DJs took over the History Channel.”
Don’t be mistaken though – we take the history very seriously. Each episode is 99% serious history and 1% clowning around. 
Over 60 episodes we pieced together the story of the rise and fall of Julius Caesar, using a range of modern and contemporary sources as our guide. Deep history combined with some filthy humour, 80s music and contemporary political and religious commentary. 
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