November 13, 2014

Welcome British History Podcast Fans!

Ray & Cam want to extend a very merry welcome to fans of Jamie Jeffers’ British History Podcast. We hope you enjoy this special episode of […]
November 11, 2014

Julius Caesar CONSUL #11 – Jamie Jeffers, British History Podcast

Jamie Jeffers joins us to chat about Caesar and ye olde Britannia! JJ is the host of the excellent British History Podcast. He is not a […]
November 6, 2014

Julius Caesar #23 – Crassus, Clodius and Vercingetorix

Well it's all starting to fall apart for Big Julie. Crassus goes to Parthia to meet his maker at the Battle of Carrhae. Rome is falling […]
October 31, 2014

Gaul In Caesar’s Time

Here’s a handy map you can use as a reference when we’re talking about the various Gallic tribes.
October 31, 2014

Julius Caesar CONSUL #10 – First Live Show

Back on Sep 6, 2014, we invited our Patrons to join us on a live Skype call to chat about Caesar, Napoleon, WWII, and anything else. […]
October 24, 2014

Julius Caesar #22 – The Annhilation Of The Eburones

Caesar spends this episode chasing Ambiorix of the Eburones to revenge the deaths of Sabinus, Cotta and their legion at Atuatuca. We also talk in depth […]
October 21, 2014

Julius Caesar CONSUL #9 – Mike Duncan, History Of Rome Podcast

[app_audio src=""] Here's the show you've all been waiting for! Mike Duncan, much beloved host of The History Of Rome and Revolutions podcasts, joins us to […]
October 16, 2014

Julius Caesar CONSUL Series #8 – Tom Holland, Author of RUBICON

Our guest on this VIP episode is Tom Holland, author of the excellent book RUBICON. Follow Tom on Twitter, buy a copy of Rubicon by clicking […]
October 13, 2014

Julius Caesar #21 – VASTATIO

The Romans had a term - vastatio. It meant "laying waste". Total destruction. That's what Caesar decided to do to the Gallic tribes that had the […]