The first episode of our Consul series is finally here! This is where we interview VIP guests about Caesar and ancient Rome. We are very excited to bring you this series as a value-add to the main show. And our first guest is Dr. Tom Stevenson (bio), Senior Lecturer in Classics and Ancient History at the University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia, and author of the upcoming “Julius Caesar and the Fall of the Roman Republic”.

We asked Tom a bunch of questions that we wanted his perspective on, plus some that our listeners submitted on our Facebook page.

  • Was he mostly a reformer or a tyrant?
  • As we are dealing with Gaul at the moment, how historically reliable do you think the Commentaries are?
  • In terms of the other characters of his era, Sulla, Marius, Pompey, Crassus, Clodius, etc – how does Caesar compare, in terms of his abilities, his level of military success, his political ingenuity, the way he is remembered?
  • What’s your favourite story about Caesar?
  • Did he really want to be the “number one man in Rome” from the beginning? Or was he just chasing new goals as they presented themselves?
  • Did Caesar believe in the gods?
  • What would Caesar think about the fact that we’re still talking about him 2000+ year later?


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