Another enlightening episode of the “myth-busting” podcast! Don’t take our word for it – this is what the official iTunes Podcast Twitter account said! Check it ooooout. And yes, that’s Sammy Hagar BELOW us, just where he belongs (below David Lee Roth). Thanks to James O. Boggs and his iTunes Podcast team for the love and support!

Julius Caesar podast - sammy hagar itunes

Anyhoo… On this episode we examine Caesar’s first campaign in Gaul against the Helvetii, a collection of tribes from modern-day Switzerland. Without giving too mucha way…. Caesar wins. And it’s a horrifying massacre, even by modern standards. You’ll need to listen to the very end (thank goodness no-one has yet invented a way to fast forward) to find out which reviewer wins the coveted Caesar coffee mug and to find out why Ray is “stiff”.

Oh and in case you’re wondering, the coin on the covert art for this episode features the profile of Orgetorix.


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