Cam & Ray’s 2015 Tour of Amor.

Cam & Ray’s 2015 Tour of Amor. Working Destinations & Itinerary.

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It started off as a Rome tour but has turned into a joint Napoleon / Caesar tour, because we decided that if we were going to go all the way to Alesia, we might as well go to Paris, and if we’re going to go to Paris, we have to do some Napoleonic sights!

And then we added Ajaccio because it’s where Napoleon was born and where Cameron met his wife.

And then we added Florence because we’ll be so close to it anyway and you really can’t go to Italy without going to Florence!


So obviously whether or not this happens depends on a few factors – mostly how many people are seriously interested.

The cost will probably be somewhere in the region of $2500 – $4000 USD – and that doesn’t include your airfares to Paris and leaving Rome, which you’ll be responsible for. It will include everything else – accommodation, transport between cities, etc. The only other costs will be food and entrance fees to exhibits, museums, galleries, etc. We want to break those out because not everybody will want to go to everything and can have free time to amuse themselves as they please.

This is a working agenda. It may change.

When: July or August 2015.

Meet in Paris.

Paris (2 nights)
– Napoleon’s Tomb at Les Invalides
– Napoleonic / Roman tour of the Louvre
– Arc de Triomphe
– Eiffel Tower
– Notre Dame
– Sacré-Cœur

Train to

Alise-Sainte-Reine (1 night)
– Visit the Alésia MuséoParc (
The nearest main station is in Montbard (20 min drive) which has train links to Paris Gare de Lyon (1 hr) and Lille (2 hrs).

Train to

Nice (1 night)
– Enroute to Ajaccio

Ferry or Fly to

Ajaccio (2 nights)
– Visit the Napoleonic sites
– His birth place, etc.

Train up to Bastia, then ferry / fly to

Livorno –
– En route to Florence

Train to

Florence (2 nights)
– The Duomo
– The Uffizi
– Ponte Vecchio
– Galleria dell’Accademia

Train to

Rome (2 nights)
– Palatine Hill
– Colosseum
– The Vatican
– Pantheon
– Via Sacra
– Forum of Augustus
– Palazzo Massimo alle Terme

Depart Rome.

Whaddya think? Sound like fun?

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