Some good/bad news on the Pompey statue mentioned in Tiberius episode 28! One of our Italian listeners, Jacopo Novelli, dug up this site:…/

Which makes the following claim:

“A study conducted in 1810 by the painter Giuseppe Bossi showed instead that it was not Pompey, but Tiberius, and that the statue was probably commissioned by Caligula.”

TIBBO! I didn’t think it looked much like Pompey. His head was fatter.

Another Italian document Jacopo found claims that the statue was found during excavations to build the Santa Maria della Vittoria in Rome in the early 1600s. It was during this excavation that the Sleeping Hermaphroditus was discovered. We saw that in the Louvre last year.

Jacopo also says he wants to see a scapegoatsee mug, so someone get on that design quicksmart.