In this week’s episode of The Julius Caesar Podcast, you will learn about bomb threats, how saying the word for love could destroy the world and…

  • Caesar remarries, this time to Pompeia, grandchild on her mother’s side of Sulla and on her father’s side of the latter’s consular colleague in 88 BC, Quintus Pompeius Rufus. The bride was then carried over the threshold, a gesture that was believed to go back to the rape of the Sabine women, when the first Romans had only been able to find wives by kidnapping the daughters of a neighbouring community. So whenever you hear of someone carrying their bride over the threshold, it’s symbolical of rape and kidnapping. Yup.
  • Pompey the Great (only a distant relative of Pompeia) takes on the pirates and wins.
  • Pompey also takes on King Mithradates and wins.
  • Meanwhile, Caesar is busy, firstly as quaestor (where he had to don the toga candidus, which is where we get the term “candidate”)
  • Then is appointed curator of the Appian Way
  • And finally in this episode, he is elected one of the curule aediles, basically the Mayor of Rome (although the role was shared amongst four men), responsible for looking after the infrastructure of the city as well as putting on the elaborate games. He builds such a huge private collection of gladiators that Rome gets worried about his intentions.

A big shout out also in this episode to Craig from Canada for sending Ray and Cameron each a gift pack containing Canadian knick-knacks and a couple of very fine cigars! You rock, buddy!