Whew. Another 2.5 hours of mayhem!

In this episode, Caesar and Pompey finally face off in the battle to determine the fate of Western civilization. Two men enter – one man leaves!

  • It’s August in 48BCE.
  • Caesar withdraws from Dyrrachium.
  • He arrives at Gomphi who close their doors to him – so he lays siege to the city and gives his men permission to kill, rape and plunder.
  • When he gets to the city of Metropolis, they decide they are better off letting him in.
  • Pompey catches up with him at Pharsalus. They camp, stare each other down for a few days but don’t give battle. UNTIL…
  • Caesar tries to leave but notices Pompey’s troops follow him onto the open plains. He turns around and they prepare to do battle.
  • Caesar is outnumbered 2-to-1. His cavalry are outnumbered SEVEN-to-one.
  • And then, in a feat of military tactics that is still pretty unbelievable, Caesar DESTROYS Pompey’s forces, in a matter of hours.
  • Pompey runs away to Egypt… where he is assassinated by an old friend and beheaded.

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