Apart from reviving the traditional institutions, Octavian also starts rebuilding the physical infrastructure of Rome. He ordered the restoration of 82 temples within Rome. So he’s working hard to bring back a sense of religious order and a return to traditional values. The Temple of Apollo on the Palatine Hill was opened and on the Campus Martius, Agrippa was constructing a magnificent new temple, the Pantheon. Things in Rome are getting back to normal. But it wasn’t all smooth sailing. In 30 or thereabouts, Marcus Lepidus, son of the triumvir, disappeared. And Crassus isn’t awarded the spolia opima for his defeat of the King DILDO. Finally, Agrippa and Maecenas, present conflicting arguments to Octavian over what kind of system he should implement in Rome – Agrippa arguing for a model based on the republic, Maecenas arguing for a monarchy. By the end of 28, when Octavian and Agrippa laid down their consulships, something resembling normality had come to Rome.