And Im not ashamed to admit it! This isn’t going to be one of the usual witty and funny reviews Ray and Cam usually get, this is just a big thank you to these guys for igniting my love and passion for history, especially roman history. Ray and Cam tell the story of JC and Augustus so fantastically that it truly brings these amazing people of the past back to life, … Dickero ranting his tirades at Marcus Antonious, … Cato disembowelling himself quietly in his room, … Pompey being a complete dick and stealing the glory from everyone, … Agrippa, the smartest man of his era and taking a back seat to his BFF, epic sea battles, land battled and battles of oration, its got it all!! I have been listening since episode one of the Big Julie series and love every second of it (I’m also a Hetairoi of the Alexander posed cast). I look forward to every new episode; it brightens my drive to and from work. This podcast isn’t just for the guys ladies, it’s also for women like me who love history, 80s music, and yes… dick jokes!!! (Or maybe it’s just the nurses like me who are into the dick jokes). Anyway….. Do yourself a huge favour and get into Ray and Cam, you won’t regret! Love you guys, never stop podcasting! P.S Can’t wait for the renaissance series!


2017-07-29 Guvnor Kirsty from Australia