Having listened to both the Napoleon podcast and Rays WW2 podcast for some time I couldn’t believe my lucky when these to blokes teamed up for this podcast. There chemistry and humour make history fun and informative. It’s also forced me to question how I personally label people. For instance having listened to Cam sit back and relax, somehow ignoring a smoke detector beeping episode after episode while David rambles on about Napoleon paints a contrasting image to the wealth an knowledge he displays in this podcast and the rest of his podcasting catalogue. The same goes for Ray’s detailed, monotone, comprehensive walkthrough of the Second World War. He come across very knowledgeable… I’m just saying people can surprise you. In all seriousness these gentlemen are doing a wonderful job. They are largely responsible for my now love of history. Having listened to hundreds of episodes the guilt of having not left a review now weighs upon me heavily every time it’s mentioned in a podcast. So here is the 5 stars you so heartily deserve. Keep up the good work boys.
– by S(/\)0TT0z from Australia 2018-02-11