If you are a Windows user and want to be as productive as possible, you really need to check out ACTIVEWORDS.

Before Cam became a Mac user in 2007, he had been an Activewords advocate for years. These days he uses similar apps on the Mac, but it all started with ActiveWords.

What does ActiveWords do?

It’s an app that let’s you automate an endless series of tasks by assigning a letter, group of letters or phrases to them.

So, for example:

Let’s say there is a certain couple of paragraphs that you often have to put in an email.

With ActiveWords, you can just assign a string of letter to each paragraph. Type that string into a new email and BOOM!!! Those paragraphs are inserted for you!

But there is SO MUCH MORE you do with ActiveWords. You can assign a certain word to open up a website – or even a bunch of websites. The list of things you can do is almost endless.

So click over to ActiveWords and download their free trial. If you like it, but it, and they will give us a few bucks for sending you their way. It’s a win-win folks. You are going to LOVE this product and you can support your favourite podcast at the same time!