[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Our VIP members (aka “The Consuls”) get access to extra podcasts each month – FOR FREE. That’s right – free as in beer.

Why would we give away free premium content? … We hear you ask? Good question.

Well the answer is that we don’t want to stuff more content into the regular feed in case the average listener doesn’t want us to interrupt the linear story with awesome interviews with academics and other experts on Caesar and ancient Rome. We know how easily they get distracted. So the VIP content is for those people who want a little extra.

For example, so far we have a wide range of guests including:

  • Dr. Alexander Mikaberidze, Associate Professor of History at Louisiana State University, talking about Mithradates VI of Pontus
  • Dr Arthur Keaveney, author of “Sulla: The Last Republican”, Reader Emeritus in Ancient History at the University of Kent
  • Barry Strauss, Chair of the History Department at Cornell University and author of “The Death Of Caesar”
  • Steven Saylor, author of historical fiction centered around the late Roman republic and early empire
  • Mike Duncan from  The History Of Rome podcast
  • Tom Holland, author of the excellent book RUBICON

And many more.

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