“I sing of arms and the man”. Get ready for that classical education you missed out on because your parents couldn’t afford to send you to a real school (in the 19th century)! We’re going to spend the next THREE EPISODES talking about Publius Vergilius Maro, aka Virgil, and his masterpiece, The Aeneid. Why? BECAUSE WE FUCKING SAID SO, THAT’S WHY. Because it’s a masterpiece of Roman, Latin and western literature. Because it was the major artistic accomplishment of Augustus’ reign. Because two thousand years later it is still revered as one of the most beautiful, complex and ground-breaking works ever composed. Because it inspired everyone who came after it. T. S. Eliot called it ‘the classic of all Europe’, and made the claim that ‘Virgil acquires the centrality of the unique classic; he is at the centre of European civilization, in a position which no other poet can share or usurp.’ Are you convinced yet? So give the man some fucking respect and listen to the show. 


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