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[ut_quote_alt author=”DJ Billy P from United States on 29 Jul 2014″] What if history nerds took over the morning show at the classic rock radio station? You’d probably get something like “Life of Caesar”—and it’s as big a threat to America’s youth as Howard Stern ever was.[/ut_quote_alt]

[ut_quote_alt author=”LordMaes from United States on 13 Jul 2014″] Caeser wasn’t a vampire, he just liked to pulla Sulla — 5 stars Just wanted to learn a little more about one of the greatest men in history, Ray and Cameron have me enthralled now. Keep up the awesome work, so happy I found this podcast. How about a “caesar was a vampire” mug? [/ut_quote_alt] [ut_quote_alt author=”Ceth Jordan from United States on 8 Jul 2014″] 5 stars I love this podcast. I’ve gotten so much done around the house this summer listening to you guys. This makes the place look nice and the wife happy. I do have a question about a phrase Cameron often uses. What does “straight from the gecko” mean. This must be some Aussie phrase I’m unfamiliar with. Do I get a coffee mug if only insult one of the hosts? [/ut_quote_alt] [ut_quote_alt author=”DeeeeKaaaay from Australia on 6 Jul 2014″] Respect — 5 stars Agent provocateur and voice of wisdom combine for an unsanitised interpretation of an epic historical tale. A masterly display that balances the digressions that add colour and movement to the main theme with a well researched running sheet that brings the story back on track and focused. To those who say “I could have done that”, let’s see you do it. Five stars gentlemen. I would love to share a stogie and a scotch with either of you if I am in Brisbane or Virginia, or either of you are in Melbourne (Australia). [/ut_quote_alt] [ut_quote_alt author=”Toga Up from Australia on 6 Jul 2014″] I came, I saw, I will hopefully get a Mug — 5 stars If you’re invited to wear a toga on a podcast then it is exemplary of the superior quality of the podcast. Cameron and Ray host the togalisous, mint quality podcast with which my only qualm is that I have to wait for episodes to be realised, unlike their other fine works on Napoleon and World War Two. The podcast is more fun than a wine soaked session at the Lupanar, but of course if you aren’t a fan of fun, humour, Australians or Americans then you probably won’t share this opinion. Also if Ray or the Podfather happen to read this, then I will send in my toga picture but it won’t be until my toga themed 21st eventuates. Cheers from Sydney, Australia [/ut_quote_alt] [ut_quote_alt author=”Maverick0452 from Australia on 27 Jun 2014″] Very enjoyable and insightful podcasts. — 5 stars I love the study and discussion of history, especially Ancient Rome. These guys are not out to teach history but rather to provide stories, facts, opinions and context to an extraordinary time. I listen while driving to work so I couldn’t stand dry history. These podcasts should serve as an incentive to do further reading and study yourself. Keep podding! And speaking of pilums, they were spears designed to be thrown at the enemy. Their trick was to be made of 2 sections so it broke on impact. Why? So you couldn’t throw it back. Pretty smart. Dave Ryland, Brisbane [/ut_quote_alt] [ut_quote_alt author=”G. Hines of D. Dancin’ from United States on 26 Jun 2014″] Pull a Sulla… March on this podcast — 5 stars A lot of reviews of this podcast ask for it to be more dry. I don’t know why they would. This podcast is fun. Thats the point. Cam is good at keeping things light. I would like to hear from other experts, but you know, not everyone wants to spend a bunch of time talking about caesar. Of course those people are silly. Caesar is awesome, and so is this podcast. If you’re going to compare this to anything, compare it to the also interesting Napoleon podcast. Since I know they read these reviews, i will espouse a theory. When Caesar said he was going to “mount upon the heads of his enemies.” He meant he was stepping upon them to get into the saddle. So he used their enmity as a stepping stone. Also it was a double entendre. Anyway thats my take. Its good. Download it. [/ut_quote_alt] [/ut_quote_rotator_alt]