Come and hang out with Ray and Cam in Brisbane!

WHEN: Wed 5 July 2017 6pm til late.


As you probably know by now, Ray and his family are coming to Australia in June/July 2017 and we’re trying to work out how many people would like to hang out with us for a couple of hours. It’s going to be pretty casual – we’ll have a few drinks (not covered in the ticket price), talk history (that *is* covered in the ticket price), make a few jokes about Ray’s height (well duh). Nothing fancy. We’re putting a cover price on it to a) help cover the cost of his visit (which is all for YOUR benefit) and b) to get a serious indication how many people are going to show up. There will be no refunds – if you buy a ticket and don’t show up, your money will go towards¬†limoncello shots.

The actual location of the event will be determined once we have closed the ticket sales so we know how many people are coming. And it will be a closely held secret, so don’t think you can just turn up for free once we’ve had a few drinks and bamboozle us into thinking you paid.

Please note: the cover charge doesn’t cover drinks, food or cupping Ray’s balls. Those are all extra.