Ray Meet & Greet – Brisbane

Come and hang out with Ray and Cam in Brisbane!

WHEN: Wed 5 July 2017 6pm til late.


As you probably know by now, Ray and his family are coming to Australia in June/July 2017 and we’re trying to work out how many people would like to hang out with us for a couple of hours. It’s going to be pretty casual – we’ll have a few drinks (not covered in the ticket price), talk history (that *is* covered in the ticket price), make a few jokes about Ray’s height (well duh). Nothing fancy. We’re putting a cover price on it to a) help cover the cost of his visit (which is all for YOUR benefit) and b) to get a serious indication how many people are going to show up. There will be no refunds – if you buy a ticket and don’t show up, your money will go towards limoncello shots.

The actual location of the event will be determined once we have closed the ticket sales so we know how many people are coming. And it will be a closely held secret, so don’t think you can just turn up for free once we’ve had a few drinks and bamboozle us into thinking you paid.

Please note: the cover charge doesn’t cover drinks, food or cupping Ray’s balls. Those are all extra.